“I wanted something like this”
“I was looking for something like this“
Always working on product development of new "miscellaneous goods"
Creating charming in living through our products,
We will continue to be a company that provides "fulfillment of heart".


Since our foundation, we have been constantly responding to changes in the environment and changes in customer needs sensitively and changing the business style.
As it can be understood by company name, we founded in the corrugated cardboard packaging business. We focused on the expansion of use scenes of corrugated cardboard products for storage from applications of transportation and packaging, and we have changed the product items. Then we responded quickly to changes in the era of purchasing methods such as mail order sales and started offering products for mail order business companies.
After that, we forecasted the rise of home centers, started product development and product offering for mass merchandisers.
From business development in the category of storage goods, now we have started to develop business fields into the category "miscellaneous goods", and in rain gear goods, we also accept product development for rain wear goods such as cycle coat and orders for OEM production.
In the category of Variety miscellaneous goods, we deal with various OEMs by developing new products, and we are steadily expanding the offering range not only transfer decal and wall sticker products but also wall light with LED, accessory stand, hook using magnet or suction sheet.
From now on, we will cope with changes of the times and needs of society in the future through the product "miscellaneous goods".
We will strive to develop products that will color the accents of your life and make you feel the richness of mind in everyone's life.