We have a team of creators and project planning from a wide range of fields and we are working on various product developments. With speedy production know-how cultivated over many years and creative sensibility, our OEM businesses are highly appreciated by many companies. As a comprehensive "miscellaneous goods" proposal company, we promise to provide satisfaction beyond the price to OEM customers as well as users by our experienced know-how and in-house creators who can make the latest proposals.

We develop our business as a concept
“Enriching your life”

Household miscellaneous goods

Our storage business started with corrugated cardboard products. It is our company's best expertise field.
We are offering the unique brand products that correspond to a wide range of customers such as home centers, mass merchandisers, miscellaneous goods shops. It is not stored goods that just put items away, but we are aiming for products taking in “natural”, “fashionable”, “playful” with functionality and maintaining price range. And we can provide the products with “fun” and “charming” for everyone's life.

Our own brands that respond to a wide range of customers

MOC  KABEDECO  estraria  Antique Style Mojule

Variety miscellaneous goods

We are creating "miscellaneous goods" that a wide range of customers can enjoy such as Iromakie transfer decal got a hint from Japanese traditional gold lacquer technique, Makie, Wall decorative sticker “Wall Sticker”, Wall light and wall lamp sticker attached on wall using LED, Accessory stand that gentle light wraps accessories, and Hook products stuck with magnets and suction sheets and hang small items.
We are doing business with variety of customers such as specialty shops, mass merchandisers, miscellaneous goods stores, pet shops, museum shops and more.

Iromakie  Cat Wall Light  Acrysta  CAT STICKY HOOK

Lunch miscellaneous goods

We provide the lovely lunch goods such as “Animal face purse” when you wrap your lunch box, it looks like an animal's face, and “puloose” series incorporating unintentionally laughing (putto) and loose idea. Mix of Botanical pattern and pretty animals will bring healing at lunch time.

Rain ware goods

Not only requesting functions but also Toyo Case can introduce a new rain wear with fashionability.
We are developing as our brand "Cattleya " and "Sunny feels". “Sunny feels" has the abundant product lineup of rain goods such as rain wear, umbrella, bicycle cover, bag cover, including cycle coats for bicycles.
We will create the products which makes you HAPPY on rainy blue day.

Cattleya  Sunny feels