Privacy Policy

Personal Information Protection


Toyo Case Co., Ltd. believes that it is important as a social responsibility to properly protect about the customer’s individual information. We describe our policy regarding the handling of customer information provided below.

Management of the customers’ information
Toyo Case strictly manages the customer information provided by the customer. We take strict security measures to prevent misuse or leakage of customer information.

When we receive the customer information
Toyo Case may collect the information from the customer in the following cases.
– When we receive the order or inquiry about our products.
– In addition to the above, when we think it is necessary.

Purpose of use of the customer information
Customers’ information provided by customers may be used for the following purposes.
– We deliver our products to our customers.
– To respond to inquiries and consultations from customers.
– To introduce products and services to our customers.
– In addition to the above, when we think it is necessary.

Provision of information to third parties
Toyo Case does not provide the customer information to third parties. However, when we obtain the consent of the customer or the following use, we may provide the customer information to a third party.

( 1 ) When Toyo Case is outsourcing to outside the company
In order to send out samples to the customers and to provide services or information, we may entrust the customer information to the outside or the affiliated company under the strict management of our company in order to carry out the questionnaire.

( 2 )When it is based on law
When we receive requests the customer information from a court, government agency, supervisory office, or other public institution, we may provide the customer information to a third party.

Inquiries about the customer Information
When the following request is made to the customer service about the customer information, we respect the intention of the customer and do the necessary procedure and correspondence reasonably, after we confirm a request from the customer
– Disclosure, correction, addition, deletion, suspension of use or deletion of customer information

Person responsible for managing the customer information
The following person is responsible for the management and supervision of customer information provided by customers.
Hiroshi Yoshikawa, President of Toyo Case Co., Ltd.
TEL 81-75-313-5961